Ethernet and Coffee

SSH key based auth setup notes

if you don’t have keys already, generate them if you do have keys skip this step

Send email when an Outlook reminder fires

VBscript examples to send an email when Outlook reminder fires

Duckware WIFI in the US documentation

More info: Duckware.

RDP related event logs information

Windows RDP related event logs identication tracking and investigation

Nifty test tools from Star Trinity

Disable Windows 10 Wallpaper Compression

Link to original article

How to get the Linux DB2 ODBC driver to use a high performance TCP Window Scale factor

All commands below were run with DB2 ODBC Driver 10.

Cisco IOS SNMP v3 config commands and matching snmpwalk flags

SNMP v3 IOS config commands and snmpwalk examples

Guest network trace collection on ESX 6.x

How to capture bidirectional traffic of a VM on ESX 6.

Use emptystandbylist.exe as an on-demand cli method for flushing different memory caches in Windows

Link to Empty Standby List at author’s blog.