Ethernet and Coffee

Fix Xwin resolution-too-low issue

First use gtf x y refresh to get the Modeline:

Hikvision POE camera wire colors to T568A/B pinout

I had a connector corrosion problem and had to cut the original RJ45 connector off.

Javascript iso8601 time stamp with milliseconds and local TZ offset

''use strict''; var ts = function(){ // generate an iso8601 timestamp in local time with milliseconds // return value looks like: 2017-04-04T10:44:17. on github

Snort data is far more interesting if it can be visualized.

Watching Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Fail Through Time Series Temperature Data

MRTG fork for sending collected data to a Graphite server

Quick & dirty mod to MRTG so that it sends collected data to a Graphite server in addition to storing it in RRD files.

Changeip DNS Manager URL

Because it is so difficult to find this linked on changeip.

Migrated 14all.cgi from sourceforge to github

Some years ago I tried to get in touch with Rainer Bawidamann to merge my CSV export modifications into 14all.

Somfy Motorized Blinds Programming PDF


Open directory surfing tips

To download everything from an open dir but do not ascend the parent dir…