Ethernet and Coffee

A Module free way to process delimited data with row independence in perl

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GMO Decaf Coffee

Original article from 2003

How to regenerate an original docker run command

From this gist

Using in combination with linux find to batch resize many WSP files

Change to the top-level directory where your WSP files are located.

Wireshark display filter to eliminate every address except one in a large subnet

Goal - display packets between 152.

Some simple Snort IDS/IPS rules for directional RAR file detection.

RAR File Extension and Header Detection Rules

Generic Receive Offload and Large Receive Offload can cause snort IDS/IPS to discard IP packets

If you run snort IDS/IPS and have noticed strange behaviours like your rules not firing on traffic in one direction or another despite being set up with correct directional rules parameters, the right HOME_NET value, and the right EXTERNAL_NET value then you might be a victim of Large Receive Offload and/or Generic Receive Offload network hardware or driver settings. - a script to manage long running network traces using tcpdump

Yes, I know tcpdump supports file rotation, max file counts, post-rotate commands, etc, but I find it easier to use rotate-tcpdump.

Allowing a non-root user to launch a specific binary that binds to a low port

Use this command…

Avoiding false spikes in time series graphs when using Graphite's perSecond and sumSeries functions

I have four internet circuits connected to four routers to provide highly available, high bandwidth connectivity to a site.